Featuring Tweets from the co-editors of Thorne in The Side:

  • Thorne in the Side (@ThorneintheSide): Nick Hester
  • Richard (@Ricko1889): Richard Hester


UPDATE: December 2018. Rich and Nick Hester have continued to tweet vile tweets similar to those below. At the same time they have claimed that their self-imposed exile from the club is due to them insisting on being independent. This is far, far removed from the truth which is that they were told that they could not have access to players for a few months and were required to, like all other supporter groups, sign an undertaking to abide be the club’s values on inclusion and diversity. Rather than do that Nick and RIch Hester REFUSED to do so and decided to close down their vile publication rather than stop being racists.




The Claim
The Claim

The Hesters, editors of Thorne In The Side fanzine, make the claim that their publication is not homophobic or racist. However, below you will find just a small sample of recent tweets from both editors which seem to undermine their claim.

Despite being confronted with the evidence below, The Hesters have not apologised  for their behaviour and instead have made a statement declaring they have decided to stop publishing Thorne In The Side due to “a long running campaign of constant abuse and harassment by a small group of Brentford Football Club supporters”.

They go on to claim that these are “historical tweets”. They are not. The dates range over the past few years, including this year which demonstrate an on-going pattern of behaviour.

There is a line between free speech, hate speech and nasty rhetoric. We will leave it to the reader to judge if  the so-called “campaigning” against the publishers of the tweets below was the correct thing to do. After publishing their statement, fans who have expressed disappointment with the material here have been subjected to on-line threats by those closely connected with the Editors, and others.

Thorne In The Side had the option to attend training and education by Kick It Out, instead they chose to close the publication. You can make up your own minds why they preferred to follow this course of action.


The Claim